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What Kind of Binary
Options Types Are There?

There are four main Binary Options
trade types that you should know about.
  • Classic
    or Call/Put
  • Short
  • Boundary
  • One
  • Classic binary options, or Call/Put options, are clearly the most popular binary options trade types today. With this trading type, the trader must predict whether the asset will end higher or lower than the strike price by the conclusion of the predetermined expiry time.
    At Binary Brokerz, expiry times for classical binary options typically start at 15 minutes.
    As an example, a trader chooses to trade oil with a 1-hour expiry time and predicts the price will fall below the strike price. If this decision is correct, the trader will earn as much as 92% profit on the original investment.

  • Short term binary options trades represent a new and exciting trade type that is very similar to classical binary options. The main difference is the length of the expiry times. Short term trades at Binary Brokerz feature the following selection of short term expiry times: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes. This trade type is geared towards confident traders who prefer making quick decisions and desire immediate results.

  • The Boundary binary options trade type is also known as Range trading. It is similar to the classic Call/Put binary options types. However, the main difference is that this trade type features a set of boundaries that exist on either side of the market price, (either above or below). The Boundary tests the asset’s ability to either stay within this defined range, or to break outside of the boundaries of the range. In addition to the traditional pay-out of up to 92%, Binary Brokerz offers a high-yield exotic version of this trade. By setting the boundaries further apart and featuring a shorter time restriction on the trade expiry, skilled traders can profit as much as 380% of their original investment.

  • The One Touch binary options trade allows the trader to set a target price either above or below the market price. The trade will pay out only if the trader has chosen the correct target and the asset meets the target within an expiry time of up to one week. By testing the direction and range of movement for this asset, this trade type has been designed for more advanced traders. Similar to the Boundary trade type, Binary Brokerz offers both a standard and exotic high-yield version. With the high-yield variation of the One Touch, the price targets are set far from the market price for a pay-out of up to 380% of the original investment.