Withdrawals & Safety of Funds

Simple, quick and secure

We have implemented our systems to be impenetrable as well as convenient for our clients.

Every transaction is secure and has
verification procedures assuring that your identity, your
transactions, and your assets remain in your control
and under the umbrella of our authentication
and protection.
We have implemented our systems to be impenetrable as well as
convenient for our clients.
  • Withdrawal
    of Funds
  • Withdrawal
    Time Frame
  • Safety
    of Funds
  • Binary Brokerz makes withdrawing your funds simple, quick and secure. Receive your withdrawal with the click of a button, regardless of which Binary Brokerz account type you are trading with. We support withdrawals via major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Visa Electron. You can also withdraw your funds via Wire Transfer when withdrawing profits. Also, please note that your withdrawal will be in the same currency that you had originally deposited in.

    Follow these 3 easy steps:
    1. Log into the Binary Brokerz trading platform.
    2. Go to Quick Links and select “Withdraw”.
    3. Insert your desired amount, and click “Withdraw”. (In order to finalize your request, please make sure your account is verified)
  • Binary Brokerz accounting department takes approximately 3 to 4 business days to process a withdrawal request. However, the actual transfer of your funds also needs to be approved by both your bank and/or Credit Card Company. This process could take between 48 and 72 business hours depending on your financial institution. Also, please note that Binary Brokerz requires your final verbal confirmation with your personal broker in order to finalize the withdrawal.

  • In accordance with international financial law, we are required to verify our clients’ trading accounts. The purpose of this verification is to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, and money laundering. In order to properly verify your trading account, and to protect against online fraud, we require the following documents:

    We require the following documents:
    1. A color copy of a government issued identification card where we are able to see your name, photo, date of expiry, and date of birth.
    2. A proof of address, such as a water or electric bill, bank statement or any type of official letter that states your name, address, and a date no further than three months.
    3. A color copy of the front and back of the credit card used to make your deposit. We must be able to see the last four digits and the first six on the front and back, your name, the expiry date, and your signature on the back hand side of the credit card in the designated area.
    4. A signed Declaration of Deposits form, with your color ID placed attached to the top corner.