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What to Look for in a Signal Provider

Binary options trading signals are essentially quick analytical alerts for financial assets. Binary options trading signals help traders decide which direction to trade on a currency pair (forex), commodity, stock or index. Good trading signals are a big part of any successful trader’s arsenal—the proper fundamental analysis they provide can mean the difference between a profitable trade and a loss. Traders of any experience level are able to benefit from quality trading signals. They are easy enough to understand—by following either the UP or DOWN direction that the signal projects, a trader can stay a step ahead of the markets. Binary options signals are provided in real-time via the Binary Brokerz trading platform.

How Are Binary Options Trading Signals Generated?

The truth is that every signals provider has a different way of producing their binary signals. They may all use different analytics to produce unique trading opportunities. Such analytics can include properly identifying general chart patterns such as a Rising Wedge Formation, key levels of horizontal support, or more advanced chart patterns known as Fibonacci patterns. However these analytics are combined, the underlying dynamics of trading signals always revolve around the concept of support and resistance, which is necessary to effectively interpret any kind of financial charts. The support and resistance concept dictates that the price of a financial asset will generally stop itself and reverse at specific predetermined price levels. The price may touch the level multiple times without breaking through it.

How to Trade with Signals

Binary Options trading signals, or forex signals, are a powerful tool in binary options trading today. When used properly, they can help facilitate better trading decisions, and give traders of any level an edge over the markets. However, the accuracy of the trading signals can vary with market conditions, which can sometimes be very volatile and unpredictable. Thus, we strongly recommend a diverse trading strategy that includes signals, but also includes other trading tools and means of financial analysis.

Where to find signals?

Where to find signals on our page?

Our excellent third-party trading signals are available to all Binary Brokerz traders.

Simply log into our trading platform, and on the left-hand panel you will see a section called Auto-Chartist Analysis.

Which Assets Are Signals Provided For?

Trading signals are provided for only our most popular currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices.

Trading signals are provided for only our most popular currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices.

See below for the full list of the financial assets we provide signals for: